Clients for Life: Gaining& Retaining Massage Clients

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As a Massage Therapist, the key to success of your business is keeping your massage clients coming back to you. Clients have numerous choices for Massage Supplies or Spa Supplies from which they would like to go for the best one. Clients have high expectations from massage therapist and if they don’t get exactly what they want, they will start searching for another therapist. Provide outstanding customer service, use high quality massage products, and create the most relaxing environment and overall excellent experience for them. Earn the loyalty of your clients and make clients for life. Consider the following key ways to keep your loyal clients happy and coming back for more.

Immaculate Client Service

How your massage clients are treated from the moment they walk through the door to their exit from the premises plays a huge role. An outstanding massage session won’t cover up the fact that the client had to wait at the front desk or there is no one available to greet them. Successful massage supplies or Spa supplies realize that even minor mistakes affect customer loyalty.

Clients follow up after their first visit

Follow up with your massage clients after their first visit. Wellness massage supplies or spa supplies do not immediately communicate with new client and lose some percent of potential clients. If you could be able to gain even a small percentage of those lost massage clients, you would have a huge impact on your growth and revenue.

Measure your clients’ satisfaction

Conversation between you and your client during massage session is very important. Some clients want to drift off into a relaxed state, while others might want a little interaction. Periodically it’s a good habit to ask your client how specific massage you are implementing feels. After a massage session communicate with your clients, so you can proactively solve unhappy clients’ issues and not make the same mistake again.

Offer some freebies to clients

Don’t predict that clients will contact you to schedule a massage session. In addition to whom you don’t see on a regular basis contact them on holidays, birthdays, or periodically and offer them some discount on message or better yet a freebie. Everyone loves to get something for free and by making such gesture, you show your clients how important they are for your massage supplies or spa supplies business.

Now you have a list of tasks for gaining & retaining your massage clients. Speaking of revenue, let’s dive a little deeper into the massage supplies or spa supplies business.

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