Hands! One tool Massage Therapist Uses Most!

by July 23, 2014

Hands! One tool Massage Therapist Uses Most!

We start learn to massage with the hands first, and later move on to tools, forearms and possibly feet. There are different types of workshops, books, and DVDs available in market about how to take care of your hands. The tool a massage therapist uses the most is the hand. A very little information can go a long way in protecting the skin of our hands, arms, and feet.

What is contact eczema?

Contact eczema is a skin reaction to allergens and irritants, which commonly looks like red, swollen, flaky, or prickly skin. Contact eczema is usually caused by harsh soaps and cleaning agents, as well as other chemicals. Most massage products don’t include these kinds of extremely harsh chemicals, but many do contain more mildly infuriating ingredients. Some of these ingredients are enough to cause a skin reaction for those with sensitive skin. Even massage therapists who normally don’t react poorly to the various chemicals in their lives can develop contact eczema when it’s come to their massage products.

Hands! One tool Massage Therapist Uses Most!

Massage lotions, creams, and oil are designed and developed for clients. Clients might spend an hour a week or an hour a month in contact with these massage products, which might be enough to cause a reaction unless they have particularly sensitive skin. Massage therapist or Bodyworker, however, might spend 10, 20, or 30 hours with their hands in their products. It’s this big amount of exposure that increases the risk of a reaction in the skin.

How to avoid contact eczema!

If you don’t know or don’t understand what ingredients are, don’t be afraid to ask! A quick internet search can also tell you if an ingredient has been known to be infuriating to the skin. If your skin is sensitive, it’s best to stay away from all but the most clean and calming ingredients.

Gecko Massage Products are developed with sensitive skin in mind. Holly Massage Oil and Holly Massage Gel are the gentlest and most nourishing for sensitive skin, and are the best choice for people who’ve suffered from skin irritation due to massage products in the past. Our supreme Green Massage Lotion is also very gentle, with a lighter feel. If you need a massage lotion rather than massage oil, our hypoallergenic massage lotion is as mild as they come.

If you need more information about any of our massage products or the ingredients, let us know how we can help you! Remember: your clients’ wellbeing is truly in your hands.

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