Right Massage Lotion for Your Massage Session!!

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Massage is a fantastic way to relax, relieve stress, and get some relief from sore aches, tension and pains. The most important part of any massage session is the massage products. There are different types of massage products that are designed for individual skins. In being a massage therapist your hands are constantly engrossed in massage lotion throughout the day, it’s important to make sure that the ingredients are nourishing your skin and not causing your skin to react, especially if you have sensitive skin. To understand which one massage lotion is best for you, it is important to understand how they work.

Massage Lotion is made with oil, water and a thickening agent. Massage lotion absorbs more easily than oil, which means that it won’t make your clients feel slippery. Lotion is also less likely to stain your sheets, clothing, and anything you touch with your hands. Massage lotion doesn’t last as long as oil or cream, so it many need to be reapplied more often. Lotion is best for deeper, more controlled work, since it allows you to clutch muscle and tissue without slipping.

Massage lotion can be used for Swedish massage, but you need to use more lotion and reapply often. It is not as popular for Swedish massage and techniques with long, gliding strokes; however, lighter formulas that offer more are now available. For deep tissue work, only a small amount of lotion is needed, but choosing the right massage lotion involves a lot of experimenting to find what you like and what you don’t. The selection of massage lotions has expanded greatly over the past few years, but having so many choices can be irresistible when it comes to deciding what to buy.

Gecko Massage Supply Co is a distributor for two brand name product lines designed for therapists looking for all natural products: Supreme Green Massage Lotion & G2 Massage Lotion. Gecko Massage Supply takes pride in their massage products as they strive to meet the developing needs of today’s massage therapists and bodyworkers. Not only are massage lotions good for therapeutic use, but they are also excellent retail products for your clients to use at home.

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