Dressing your Massage Table In Elegant Way!

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Some Massage therapist will place a sheet over a table and call it complete. However this can leave a client quivering and feeling more than a little exposed. Some Massage therapists give the equivalent efforts to make the table more comfortable. There’s nothing quite like an elegantly dressed table when it comes to providing comfort and warmth for your clients. How can you be sure that you have not crossed the line between comfort and overcompensation for an uncomfortable table? These lines can be unclear. Let us look some of the regularly used table coverings in order of their layering on the table.

Massage Table Warmers

Table warmers are available in many different forms. Some of them are washable while others are not. Before you choose the right one, decide whether or not you plan to practice treatments that required the warmer to be water-proof. If your plan doesn’t include treatments utilizing moisture and free-flowing water, then regular fabric table warmer will work fine. In all cases, check to be sure the warmer has an auto-off feature.

Added Padding

Fleece is the most popular, likely and widely utilized plush covering. This covering provides additional cushion and a degree of comfort. Select fleece with elastic corner holds or a fitted cover to secure it to the table. You have a couple of choices in the type of fleece you utilize. Some people want wool fleece pads and some wants synthetic fleece. Many therapists have a few sets of fleece so they can be changed out between clients on a busy day.

Choose the right sheet

Once your warmer and choice of pad are in place, fix your fitted sheet to the table. The next is your top sheet. Make sure the sheets you buy are suitable for a professional setting. Buying suitable sheets for your practice is fundamental in being considered a professional. Make sure your sheets are in good repair, not blemished and do not stink of old oil. This is more than a teensy bit off putting, and can spoil the whole massage session, no matter how expertly executed.


Cotton thermal is the most likely and widely used blanket in massage. It is prone to reduction and does have a propensity to become snagged. Fleece the hallmark of this fabric is softness. It evokes and immediate relaxation response and is widely used in the industry. Bamboo fabric makes a lovely blanket; offering softness and luxury to any table. Incredibly lush and totally cocooning is Duvet. Its downside is the expense and upkeep of the duvet covers between clients.

Many massage therapists have dissimilar ideas about the way they would like their massage table to look and feel to the client before they climb on. Some therapist would opt for a neat clean, luxurious spa feel with a crunchy, white duvet covering a plush, down comforter, others may prefer a world-traveller look.

The truth is there are no real wrong ideas when it comes to the decorative part of the table. Just keep in mind that all things should present a professional appearance.

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