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Your massage supply business on Budget

by April 7, 2014

Your massage supply business on Budget

Elegant shopping will allow you to develop your business while gluing to your budget!!

The massage products are the most important tool for the massage therapist, besides the hands. Choosing right and quality massage products with economic cost can be difficult, especially if you are not sure about the ingredients. There are plenty of massage products available, with various natural ingredients and high cost. It can be difficult to wade through the myriad of options that are available in the market.

If you find yourself purchasing the same massage products every week or within 15days, you can save your big time by buying larger sizes or stocking up with larger quantities. Bulk buying contributes to your pocketbook. By not paying for all that individual packaging and labelling, you’re getting more massage products for your money. We offer the entire product you want in bulk and the amount is exact you want. Our massage products are made from the natural ingredients. We always make sure that all our massage creams, oils, and lotions were 100% vegan and cruelty free. We want everything we made to bring joy and healing to you and your clients, just as it does for our own clients. As the cost of ingredients goes up, we will not cheapen the formulas of the products you rely on.  We make sure that Gecko Massage Products remains the single best product source for serious massage professionals with economical cost.

We’re here for you online shopping. We sell a wide variety of high quality massage products at great savings in one-pound bulk packages. If you are looking for G2 massage lotion, Supreme massage lotion, Holly oil, Holly gel, Massage Gel, 5 Essential Oil blends, assorted massage sheets and clinic supplies and more, this is the place to get them online.

Bulk buying is not just a trend­ – It is smart shopping for your business.

Latent Benefits of Healthy Massage

by April 7, 2014

Latent Benefits of Healthy Massage

Massage is now no longer available only through luxury spas and posh health clubs. Today, massage therapy is offered in business, clinics and even in hospitals.  If you’ve never tried, learn about its possible health benefits and what to expect during massage therapy session.

What is Massage?

Massage is a relaxing treatment that has been around for thousands of years. In fact word “massage” comes from the Greek root “masso”, which means “to touch.” It is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure. In a massage, a caring, safe touch is an invitation to relax. This, together with pain relief generally produces a “relaxation response.”

Massage Can Help with…..

Stress:  Massage is one of the most and best known antidotes for stress. It will reduce your stress and gives you more energy, improves your outlook on life, and in the process reduces your likelihood of injury and illness.

Joint pain or restriction: Massage works directly on your joints by improving circulation around them and stimulating the production of natural lubrication within them. It relieves pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Improving Circulation: Massage is believed to improve blood and lymph circulation. Improve circulation can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells.

Less cellulite: A good massage relaxes the body and soul but, a great massage decreases lymphatic build-up, helps prevent cellulite and increase oxygen rich blood flow to your skin cells.

Relaxing Tissue: Massage therapy will reduce painful contractions and spasms. Massage also reduces nerve compression. During massage the nerves can assume their normal work of transmitting massage to and from the brain. This in turn improves functioning of the muscles and organs.

Getting a frequently massage can do you a world of good. Scheduled self-care can play a huge part in how strong you’ll be and how youthful you’ll remain with each passing year. Consider massage appointments a regular activity of your health and wellness plan because taking care of your body should be at the top of your priorities.

Improve Your Massage Therapy Session with Fewer Tips

by April 7, 2014

Improve Your Massage Therapy Session

Satisfy existing consumers, Attract new consumers & generate more revenues!!

If you are truly passionate about your craft you will go that extra mile to make sure that you are doing your absolute best. In any field one mistake or bad experience can easily hurt your reputation and on the other hand a good experience can gain more clients. For a Massage Therapist this is important. An amazing Massage Session will gain more business and on the other side a bad one hurt your reputation.  Consumers expect to feel less pain and more relaxed after a Massage Therapy session. If you are giving your best and you really want to improve a client expedience through your extra efforts, they will diffidently take notice. Here are some tips that will help you to meet your full potential.

Improve Your Massage Therapy Session

Improve Your Massage Therapy Session

Focus on Individuality: Massage Therapy is a job but if you will enjoy your work then it is more than that. Your clients trust you to help them reduce stress, more cares and it is important that you not let them down. Avoid being casual or unprofessional in any way. Follow up with each and ask them for genuine feedback on the session. Ask them if they would like to book as a regular patient to address. Give your client an opportunity to help you grow your business.


Use Quality Massage Products: Finding the right Massage Oil, Lotion, Gel, or Cream is often a matter of personal preference. Chemicals that might not generally cause of skin irritation in a healthy person can cause itching and dryness in someone with extra-sensitive skin. When you are in treatment, it’s important the product you use doesn’t hold you hostage with stickiness, odour or having to reapply. Gecko Massage Products are so well designed, your all patient will tell you that they feel clean and moisturized afterwards. Our products are, hypo-allergenic and break down in warm water. They are non-staining and have no scents or scent neutralizers in them.

Some Massage Techniques: Each and every one of your massage should be personal and catered to their specific needs. Use a deep gliding stroke called effleurage from shoulder to wrist returning to shoulder. Vigorously rub with a Friction stroke across the shoulder. Proceed down the top of the arm and hand, returning to the shoulder via the underside of the arm. Every time finish with effleurage from shoulder to wrist and ending at the shoulder.

The best Massage Session is the one that reminds your client, it has been too long since they were on the table. The one that reinforce, that yes, this is a HEALING art.

Right Massage Lubricant

by February 26, 2014

What is the Right Massage Lubricant?

Apart from smooth and strong hands, the most important tool a massage therapist can have is the right massage lubricate. You will have many choices. Should it be oil, lotion, cream or gel? Should it have slip or drag? What ingredients should it have? Take a look to see which ingredients are important. How they can be beneficial to both you and your clients.

Massage therapists know their skills and techniques. They know their skills are always going to evolve. A passionate massage therapist will spend time to learn new methods, try new products. Also determine what works best for them and their clients. One of the most significant aspects of a massage session to consider is which lubricate should be used. Every client has different needs and should be approached like a blank canvas. There are so many things a massage therapist has to consider.

For Example:

Lotions, gels or oils? –  The question is which medium to use with how much glide is needed. Sometimes for deep-tissue massage, massage lotion is ideal.  With the aid of lotions, a massage therapist can clutch and manipulate muscles and tissues firmly. Massage Lotion also doesn’t leave a greasy residue. For clients who want an oil-like glide, but do not want to be left feeling slippery, massage gels can be a brilliant choice. Massage gels offer outstanding workability and treatment. Apart from massage lotion, and gel, massage oil is the most common and traditional choice for any style that involves long gliding strokes.  Oil doesn’t get absorbed into the skin hurriedly. Massage oil enables great time doing bodywork without stoppage.

Another important aspect for product selection is seasonal dryness, client skin dryness, and hairy clients.  All three of these scenarios will create the use of more lotion or cream.  This is normal as the water content of these products will absorb into the hair and skin where as oils and gels tend to coat.  But the use of lotions and creams will create a smooth non-greasy conditioned and hydrated client if toweled off correctly.

Of Course, the art of choosing and using massage lubricates requires first-hand experience. What works for one client or therapist may not work for another. So, it is important for each person to form their own opinions and techniques.  The best way to become more recognizable with the various options is to try a different range of massage lubricates and then pick the one that works best for you.  It is also important to have a small bottle of the opposite lubricate on hand. Just for those clients that will better benefit from that medium. (Water Based (Lotions/Creams) vs Oil Based (Oils/Gels) Lubricates)

Discriminating massage therapists who want to offer the best possible treatment to each and every client constantly turn to for their products and supplies. As they will receive high-end, quality items without paying more. Rely on Gecko Massage for superior products at competitive prices for a matchless one-stop shopping experience. So you can focus on serving and healing your clients.

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