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Colleges Supply: We are very proud to say our products are used in all the curriculum’s of Manitoba’s Massage Colleges and many others located throughout Canada. They make us extremely proud as a business but also as the owner of Gecko and a practicing Registered Massage Therapist in Canada.

What our Owner Shannon Carlin says on this 

[dt_sc_pullquote type=”pullquote1″ align=”center” icon=”yes”]When I’m asked to address a class of freshmen Massage students about our products, I relate to the students. I was there and remember looking out from behind that desk.  I remember feeling overwhelmed too. When I leave every student is now a colleague, a friend who I’m there for any time they need an honest answer about our industry, how to operate a successful practice and about the products available.[/dt_sc_pullquote]


This is the same genuine care and attention we pay to our College distributors. The College owners, administrators and teachers are our friends and  our promise to you is for service, dedication and incredible products. We proudly serve 10 colleges in Canada.

We sell G2 massage lotion, Supreme massage lotion, Holly oil, Holly gel, Massage Gel, 5 different Essential oil blends, assorted massage sheets and clinic supplies. We manufacture all our massage lotions, gels and oil. They are formulated from a massage therapist’s point of view. Our products are safe, clean and hypoallergenic.

Our products to be the highest quality available and our prices cannot be beat. Our support for Massage Colleges is legendary. 


Our Massage College Partners

Is your College Looking for  Massage Products? If you are interested in receiving a sample pack or would like to know how our products and service can make your curriculum better, please contact us here OR Directly call us at 1-866-go gecko (1-866-464-3256) toll free in Canada 1-204-668-1800 outside Canada

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