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Massage Tips to Put Your Clients at Ease

Massage Tips to Put Your Clients at Ease

A massage should be a pleasant and relaxing experience, it’s a time to meditate and release the tension and harmful toxins of the body.

Knowing how to tackle some of the uncomfortable situations can enhance a client’s experience.

Here are some massage tips on how to make the best massage experience to put your clients at ease.

Make a Peaceful Environment

Create a calm and relaxing environment. Ensure that your treatment room is professional and comfortable. Play soothing music, have tissues available for you clients, a heated blanket or table warmer will help your clients feel cozy and warm. After every massage make sure that the massage table or massage chair is clean and change the linens. It is important to let your client enjoy a sanitized, peaceful and safe environment.

Conversation Do’s and Don’ts

During a massage therapy treatment it is good to encourage the client to relax and release all their tension. After you have established if they are comfortable, over all, with the pressure etc, let your client lead conversation. During the massage check in with your client if you are working on deeper layers of muscles to ensure that the pressure is not uncomfortable.

You can also ask clients if

  • The room is too hot or too cold;
  • They would like different background music playing;
  • They are experiencing pain; or
  • They have any questions related to the massage therapy treatment.

Personal Hygiene
Personal hygiene is essential; ensuring you are clean and neat in appearance goes along way in helping your clients feel comfortable with you. Clean professional attire, tidy hair styles, fresh breath, manicure/pedicures show that you care about your body and will indirectly assure your client that you care about theirs as well.

Boxers, Briefs or Panties?
A lot of people prefer to keep their underwear on during massage, while others prefer to be completely nude. Be delicately honest with your clients with regards to the situation as many times they may not know what the protocol is. If a client is having issues in areas like their lower back, hips, buttocks you may discuss with them the process of the massage treatment that you have for them and work together to find out what would work best for their comfort level as well as for the treatment.

Friendly attitude
Keep a friendly attitude with your client and make them comfortable, happy and relaxed during a massage therapy.

Follow the above guidelines to ensure a memorable massage therapy treatment for your clients and keep them coming back.

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Why Full Body Massage is essential?

Why Full Body Massage is essential?

Receiving a full body massage is a key to good health. Not only is it relaxing it has a lot of benefits too!

Procedure for Full Body Massage

A single session of massage therapy can range from 50 – 60 minutes. The ambiance is pleasant and the lighting is dim to create a sense of calmness before massage starts so you can be completely relaxed during the massage session.

Below are some of the benefits that help us to know why full body massage is essential:

1. Reduces muscular pain

Full body massage can reduce muscular pain and improve blood circulation. It also helps in reducing local circulation which leads to the lack of oxygen and nutrients. This in turn prevents built up of metabolic wastes and toxins.

2. Reduces chronic pain

A lot of research has been done and there is evidence that full body massage is an effective way to improve the function of the body muscles. This also reduces the pain due to past injuries.

3. Reduce Surgery Effects

It is proven that full body massage can increase lymph flow. This massage reduces the extra lymph and harmful toxins and reduces the swelling pain. It also helps in providing necessary oxygen and other nutrients by inducing blood circulation in the body. Clinical research says that full body massage can reduce post-surgery pain especially for those who have under gone heart surgery

4. Increases flexibility

Full body massage increases flexibility and various ranges of motion in different ways. It can relax and loosen the stiff muscles by breaking up adhesion which can form over ligaments and tendons around the joints. Full body massage softens the connective tissue which is around muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments of your body. Research done on a group of dancers showed that regular full body massage improved their range of motion, balance and body posture.

5. Improves posture

Full body massage helps in improving the body’s posture by softening the tissues. Some of the connective tissues of the body get rigid and tight which can lead to poor body posture.

6. Relieves Stress

Full body massage is a proven way to relieve stress. It reduces stress hormones like cortisole and leaves the body feeling refreshed.

7. Improves immune system function

A full body massage helps in boosting a body’s immune system. It allows the nervous system to enter the parasympathetic response which helps with relaxation. Massage aids the body to send more energy through restoration and healing. Studies suggest that a full body massage increases production of immune cells such as natural killer cells and other immune cells. These cells work to fight against the harmful HIV and cancer cells.

8. Relieves tension headaches

A lot of headaches are triggered by muscle tension. Muscles that develop trigger points can send the pain to other parts of the body which includes head and brain. Full body massage helps to relieve the trigger substance. It can help decrease headaches, sleep problems and many problems like migraines. It can be an effective tool in keeping a person’s mind and body healthy. Even the massage oil, massage lotion and other things can help make the massage experience an excellent one.

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What should be used for massage?

Massage therapy is designed to be a reviving experience. To ensure a soothing, relaxing treatment, finding a great massage lubricate is key.

There are many options to choose from and each company will claim that their product it is the best one for various reasons. It is important for you, as the massage therapist to pick a product that will work best for you as well as your client.

Currently you might be using a lubricate which you have used during your training/qualification period but you might be missing much better option.

We will take each type of lubricate and look at its advantages and disadvantages so that it will be easier for you to decide.

1.  Lotions & Creams
Massage lotions are the common lubricates used by massage therapists. Lotions are perfect when your client has a hairy body. The light consistency of the lotion won’t mat the hair and you will be able to do the massage swiftly.

Lotions and creams are kind of similar products, but they have different consistency. Massage creams tend to be thicker, while lotions are thinner and more liquid like. Lotions can give you more return for your buck as they have more spreadability. Creams are good for topical treatments on stiff areas of skin.

Massage lotion and creams are good for deep tissue and other high friction massage types. As they provide medium glide and while they are nourishing the skin they are absorbed fairly at slow rate. These are non-sticky, easy to clean up and are non-slippery too.

Some massage lotions and creams are water based those can make the skin feel dried out. Creams normally come in tubes or jars which don’t work well when transferred into a small pump or squirt bottle to use in a holster, so it can be hassle to reapply during treatment.

Lotions and creams can feel cold when they are first applied to the skin which can uncomfortable to your client.

There are a lot of oils which can be used for massage therapy, some examples of these are jojoba, avocado, fractional coconut, sweet almond, olive, sunflower & rice bran. To make massage more effective therapists sometimes blend oils for specific fragrance and consistency during a massage treatment.

The best property of oil is that it deeply nourishes and absorbs easily. It gives high glide during the treatment, can be easily transferred to small pump or squirt bottles and kept in your holster for easy reapplication during treatment.

Oil can be an economical option when a therapist works on a large surface. It also warms up easily and gives very pleasant experience to the client.

When oil is applied, sometimes the client feels slightly sticky after their treatment. Be sure to apply only the amount needed for your treatment, any excess will need to be wiped away and unfortunately oil can stain clothes or linens. You’ll also want to be careful not to get any on the floor and have either yourself or you client slip and

If you are able to practice with all types of lubricate, you can always check with your client to see what their preference is which will engage them further in the relaxing massage experience you are providing them.

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Common Massage Therapy Techniques

Common Massage Therapy Techniques

An expert massage therapist will have a lot of techniques and tools to make your treatment time an enjoyable, reviving one.  Below are some of the basic techniques used by professional massage therapists.


There are different ways in which kneading can be performed, for example thumb kneading and palm kneading are popular ones.

The purpose of the massage determines the amount of pressure applied on the body part with perfect rhythm and the rate of movement.

Longitudinal Gliding

It’s the most basic and effective massage techniques used by the therapists.  This technique is in sync with the blood flow.  It helps the fluid to travel from the injured body part and thus helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

Trigger Point Therapy

This is a bodywork technique that involves applying pressure to calm the tissues to relieve your client from pain.

Trigger points are the points of muscles which cross over with acupuncture points.  Therapists work on these points to ease the strain on their clients muscles.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a technique for stretching the fascia to balance the body.  Fascia is located between the skin and the underlying structure of muscle and bones.

It is a web of connective tissues which connects muscles, organs and skeletal structure of the body. Fascia can be affected due to injuries, stress, trauma and bad body posture.

Compression Massage

Rhythmic compression is used to make deep hyperaemia and softening effect in the tissue.  It is generally a warm-up session for a deeper & more specific massage work.  In sports massage this technique is mostly used during therapy.

Deep Transverse Frictions

Transverse Frictions is a therapy done by fingers by working on tissues.  It involves oscillating pressure applied across the direction of the tissue fibres.

Transverse friction technique is used in case of tendon or ligament injury to break down pain producing scar tissue.

Cross-Fibre Massage

Cross fibre technique is used for creating stretching and broadening effect on muscle groups or on a specific point where muscles are connected to the tissues.

This technique is used to apply frictional force to reduce adhesion and help create a reviving, strong repairing effect during healing process.


Swedish massage

Swedish technique includes a combination of techniques like long strokes, friction, kneading, percussion, vibrations, shaking motions and effleurage

The basic techniques of techniques is as follows –

  1. Effleurage: Involves gliding strokes with the palms, thumbs and fingertips
  2. Petrissage: Includes kneading movements
  3. Friction: Involves circular pressures with the palms with hand
  4. Vibration: Involves  oscillatory movements which shake or vibrate the body
  5. Percussion: Includes brisk hacking or tapping
  6. Passive and active movements: Involves bending and stretching

Hot stone massage

Therapists use heated, warm stones on the body on specific points.  This warmth helps the muscles loosen up so the massage therapist can reach the areas with muscle tension quickly.

PNF Stretches (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

This technique is a combination of passive stretching and isometrics in which your muscle is alternating stretched passively and contracted.  It mainly targets the nerve receptors in muscle to extend the muscle length.

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Guide to Massage Oils for Massage Therapist

Guide to Massage Oils for Massage Therapist

Just as a hair stylist needs a pair of scissors, or a carpenter needs a saw; a massage therapist needs good quality massage oil. It is an important ingredient to make a memorable massage experience for their clients.

Why use massage oils?
Massage oils not only nourish the skin, they also allow the massage therapist to glide their hands

Oil to be preferred
Look for a massage oil that offers a good glide for all kinds of massage strokes as well as one that feels good and nourishes you client’s skin. Choose one rich in Jojoba and Vitamin E such as Gecko Massage Supply’s Gecko Gold Holly Oil.

Some clients like to have aromatherapy included as an element in their massage. Many massage oils are a great carrier for essential oils and can help with problems like sinus pressure or extreme stress. Be careful to only use a minimal amount of scent so it does not over power the room and remain prominent for other treatments that day.

Before the first massage treatment with a client ask them to fill out a basic medical history, including a list of allergy issues they may have. There are many hypo-allergenic massage oils to choose from.

Ideal absorption rate and properties
A good massage oil should be absorbed easily but slowly into the skin so that you do not need to apply oil repeatedly throughout the treatment.

Mineral-rich and stable
Gecko Massage Supply’s Gecko Gold Holly Oil, contains Jojoba and is rich in Vitamin E which will your the client’s skin and leave them feeling moisturized.

Be sure to check out all the properties of the massage oil before placing order for massage supplies.

Some benefits of having a massage are:
Massage therapy is a great way to mature gracefully rather than age painfully.

  • Massage Therapy enhances body’s blood circulation which directly cleanses body and makes you look more youthful.
  • Massage is a great solution to body pain. It warms the subtle energy channels which then expand and allow toxins to move out of the body and ease pain.
  • Using a great Massage Oil can help by softening the skin to prevent dryness and help create a healthy radiance and glow.
  • Massage Therapy can make a person feel energetic, light, and strong. Activity then remains a joy and their body does stiffen and get sore.
  • There could be a boost the body’s immune system
  • Massage Therapy is relaxing, improves sleep to help with problems like insomnia.
  • Massage helps banish fatigue that causes stress on your body.
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Handy Uses for Essential Oils!

Essential Oils have an excess of amazing uses for everything from pampering yourself to cleaning and helping with various ailments.

What are Essential Oils? An Essential Oil is an aromatic liquid extracted from leaves, twigs, berries, bark, wood, root, flowers, citrus peels, or other plant matter. They are not actually oily, but have more of a water-like feel. Though Essential Oils are natural, they are very concentrated and should be used with caution. Except for Lavender, tea tree, German chamomile, rose, sandalwood and geranium, most Essential Oils should not be used undiluted or neat directly on the skin.

Essential Oil

Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil like sweet almond, jojoba, sesame, grapeseed etc unless you know it is safe to use undiluted. To test if you are sensitive to particular oil, combine 1 or 2 drops to a teaspoon of carrier oil in a small container. Dab a small amount to your wrist or the crook of your arm and wait for 24 hours. Use extra caution if you have a serious health condition or are pregnant. Educate yourself about the properties and contraindication of essential oil before using it. Now that we have that out of the way, on to the uses!

Cleaner: 2 teaspoons of antimicrobial tea tree oil with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle

Laundry: Mix 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil with an unscented laundry detergent before each load.

Air Freshener: Combine 1 teaspoon of essential oil to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray as needed. Before using on fabrics, do a spot check to make sure it doesn’t stain.

Repel Mice: For a natural repellant, add 2 teaspoons of peppermint to 1 cup of water and spray in areas where you think mice might frequent.

For Bath: Add 5-8 drops of peppermint or rosemary oil to a large, hot foot bath to relieve pain and stimulate circulation.

Massage: Use light carrier oil like vegetable, sunflower, or walnut as a base for massage oil. Add a few drops of peppermint for sore muscles, ginger for your lower back and joints, or avocado oil for a luxurious foot bath.

Hair Loss: Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to dollop of shampoo or conditioner to increase circulation to the scalp.

Headaches: Mix a small amount of peppermint oil to carrier oil, apply to fingertips and massage temples. If peppermint is too strong, add lavender for extra calming properties.

Burns: Apply lavender essential oil to burns to relieve pain and stop the burn from progressing. Do a spot check first to make sure you don’t have sensitivity. To soothe sunburns, add a few drops of lavender oil to a cool bath.

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Money Saving Tips for Next Session!!

Everyone is looking for a new ways to save money on services they want. People love getting massage but they struggle with money. Massage therapy doesn’t have to be expensive there are ways to save money for your next massage session.

Money Saving for Massage

Many massage therapists or places offer the first visit discount, this will give you chance to try a place out without having to pay full price. Register your mail id because places often offer discounts if you book on a certain day or with a particular massage therapist. You can also get a student massage at your local massage school or massage college. Sometimes you can get a 50% off, but keep in mind that these students are still learning, so you are not going to have the same experience as you would at professional therapist place.

Many massage therapists offer massage at 50% off of the regular rate. Before you go, do little research and see if you can find reviews online. If you have found your perfect massage therapist, but you feel that money is tight you still have an options.

Communicate with your therapist regarding massage packages. Booking in a bulk is a way of saving money per session, but you will need to have the money upfront. Many massage therapists are offering membership programs as well; the way it works is you sign a contract agreeing to have a certain amount of money charged to your credit card every month, and in return you are saving money.

Refer a friend offers! Many therapists offer this, what you have to do is refer a friend and earn five dollars off on your next visit. Health saving account (HSA) and flex appending account (FSA) can also help you budget for a massage. Each week, money is taken out of your paycheque and put into one of these accounts. How it works; you will need to get an Rx from your doctor and this will need to be put on file for your HSA or FSA. You need to verify and ask your therapist if they are able to processes these cards. If your massage therapist does not have this option but you still want to use the funds, you need to pay out of pocket and have your receipts faxed/mailed to your HSA or FSA Company and they will reimburse your funds.

You have many money saving options which we have shared here! Figuring out how to pay for a massage doesn’t need to be stressful.

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Thai Massage, the haul & shove of Pain Management

Thai massage respects the body’s limits, encourage clients to reach their edge of flexibility. Thai Massage blends elements of acupressure, yoga, reflexology, physiotherapy, meditation, energy healing, chiropractic and ayurveda. Thai massage uses acupressure, massage, and passive-assisted stretching, where therapists help clients move into their stretch. It will increase flexibility, blood circulation and energy flow; removal of toxins; reduction of stress and pain. The work is purposely slow as the massage therapist guides clients through the movements, being ever mindful of their physical limitations. People say the combination of moves and focused awareness during a Thai Massage session creates a slow, flowing dance between practitioner and client.

Thai Massage is performed on soft floor mat, with clients fully clothed in loose, comfortable attire suitable for the deep stretching that will be part of the session. Some therapists use pillows and bolsters for better client support. This form of bodywork can utilize tai chi, rocking and rhythmic motion, massage, and assisted stretching. Therapists may use their hands, feet, knees, elbows, and legs to facilitate the process. No massage oil, massage gel or massage lotion are used during these sessions.

The benefits of Thai Massage are countless. Due to physical or emotional trauma, bad posture, injuries, or limiting belief systems, this energy can get trapped or blocked, causing physical and emotional dis-ease. Thai massage with its amazing multitude of techniques and adjustments can release these blockages and bring the body back to its natural equilibrium, where perfect balance and wellbeing are present. By freeing the flow of vital energy in the body, Thai Massage can improve posture, breathing, flexibility, digestion and circulation. A deep sense of peace can be experience during and after a treatment.

The main emphasis in the practice of Thai Massage is usually on health prevention, it can also be of great therapeutic benefit for a range of specific problems and conditions, such as headaches, back pain, digestive disorders, shoulder and neck tension, joint pain, menstruation problems, insomnia and other stress related conditions. Thai Massage also helps to heighten energy levels, improve body-mind connection, improve range of motion and increase flexibility. Experts say there is an interesting dichotomy with Thai Massage, as it both relaxes and rejuvenates. After the session some clients report feeling awakened and energized, while some also feeling deeply grounded and at peace.

Thai Massage is based on an energetic paradigm of the human body and mind. In this tradition, energy is thought to travel on pathways, called sen, throughout the body.

Through the movement and massage components, the goal in Thai Massage is to make sure energy is gracefully moving freely along these pathways as a means for wellness.

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Gecko Massage Gel for Sensitive Skins

Gecko Massage Gel for Sensitive Skins

As a massage supplier, you may come across clients with severe allergies who may have some negative infection or reaction to some massage gels. You must proceed with extreme caution to prevent a relaxing massage from turning into a bad experience.

Before you proceed with your massage session ask the clients about their allergies or skin sensitivities. It will help to ask new clients to fill a form prior to starting their first session as this will help the massage suppliers. Even if you had mentioned in your form, ask it again before starting your massage session as this will help you to choose right massage product according to their skin. This will make positive effect in-front of your client and ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Use any unscented massage gels, oils and lotions when dealing with clients with sensitive skins. Make sure that there is little chance of a reaction or allergies by testing the gel on the client’s skin. To avoid this, just dab a little on the client skin on the inside of the elbow, always use quality massage products. You also have to care about your massage linens in a responsible way. Wash it by using a natural linen detergent which is hypoallergenic.

Gecko Massage gel for sensitive skins is uniquely formulated to satisfy the demands of every Massage Therapists, Massage Suppliers, Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, and Doctors, Body workers, Salons, Spas and people who want to nurture others. Very little is needed during treatment as it has amazing spread-ability. True Balance Massage Gel offers ideal glide, beneficial skin nutrients and versatility for all moralities. Light, low cost, satiny glide provides a smooth finish. Ideal for hairy patients or dry skin as it leaves your skin feeling moisturized, not oily. Incredibly water soluble which means it washes easily from linens. An excellent medium for Essential oils.

Whether you have been a massage supplier for years or you are just beginning, always use quality massage products. This will make your clients feel more confident and comfortable.

Gecko Massage Products offer a complete money back guarantee for 1 year on all our products. Try it, if you don’t like it, send it back!

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Right Massage Lubricant

What is the Right Massage Lubricant?

Apart from smooth and strong hands, the most important tool a massage therapist can have is the right massage lubricate. You will have many choices. Should it be oil, lotion, cream or gel? Should it have slip or drag? What ingredients should it have? Take a look to see which ingredients are important. How they can be beneficial to both you and your clients.

Massage therapists know their skills and techniques. They know their skills are always going to evolve. A passionate massage therapist will spend time to learn new methods, try new products. Also determine what works best for them and their clients. One of the most significant aspects of a massage session to consider is which lubricate should be used. Every client has different needs and should be approached like a blank canvas. There are so many things a massage therapist has to consider.

For Example:

Lotions, gels or oils? –  The question is which medium to use with how much glide is needed. Sometimes for deep-tissue massage, massage lotion is ideal.  With the aid of lotions, a massage therapist can clutch and manipulate muscles and tissues firmly. Massage Lotion also doesn’t leave a greasy residue. For clients who want an oil-like glide, but do not want to be left feeling slippery, massage gels can be a brilliant choice. Massage gels offer outstanding workability and treatment. Apart from massage lotion, and gel, massage oil is the most common and traditional choice for any style that involves long gliding strokes.  Oil doesn’t get absorbed into the skin hurriedly. Massage oil enables great time doing bodywork without stoppage.

Another important aspect for product selection is seasonal dryness, client skin dryness, and hairy clients.  All three of these scenarios will create the use of more lotion or cream.  This is normal as the water content of these products will absorb into the hair and skin where as oils and gels tend to coat.  But the use of lotions and creams will create a smooth non-greasy conditioned and hydrated client if toweled off correctly.

Of Course, the art of choosing and using massage lubricates requires first-hand experience. What works for one client or therapist may not work for another. So, it is important for each person to form their own opinions and techniques.  The best way to become more recognizable with the various options is to try a different range of massage lubricates and then pick the one that works best for you.  It is also important to have a small bottle of the opposite lubricate on hand. Just for those clients that will better benefit from that medium. (Water Based (Lotions/Creams) vs Oil Based (Oils/Gels) Lubricates)

Discriminating massage therapists who want to offer the best possible treatment to each and every client constantly turn to for their products and supplies. As they will receive high-end, quality items without paying more. Rely on Gecko Massage for superior products at competitive prices for a matchless one-stop shopping experience. So you can focus on serving and healing your clients.