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Tips to buy right massage table

Tips to buy right massage table

A massage table is the most important tool for a massage therapist. An apt table will amplify the comfort of your client by giving them a platform to relax and let you practice massage at your highest potential. A massage table is the foundation of your practice and your business. There is a huge market of massage tables and chairs, it might seem overwhelming trying to find the right table for your business.

Remember the below tips to buy a right massage table:

  1. Make a budget

Set a budget and stick to it.  Keep in mind the total cost of purchase including shipping, taxes, and accessories involved in it.  There may also be an opportunity to get a package deal complete with all the items you are looking for, which may be more cost efficient for you.

  1. Comfort first

While buying the table think about the ergonomic factors and your comfort.

Consider 3 main things – Carrying weight, table width and table height.

Carrying Weight – Depending on the width of your table the weight of the table can vary between 22 and 40 pounds.

Height – Find a massage table that comes with adjustable height settings so you can adjust it for your comfort level.

Width – You’ll need to find the compromise between your and your clients comfort here although 28-32 inches is highly recommended for most massage therapists.  A therapist having to reach too far across the table could be uncomfortable but if the table is too narrow then your client may be worried about falling off when adjusting positions.

Some tables have the capacity to extend the tables length by approximately 12 inches and/or width by 6-8 inches.

  1. Weight limits and safety

Choose a strong and stable massage table which can take a fair amount of weight.  Before buying check the reinforcing elements, quality of craftsmanship and the kind of wood, aluminium, or plastic used.  Check the weight rating of the table which should be at least 500 pounds of downward applied force.

  1. Specialties

If you specialize in pregnancy massage you might look to purchase a table that will assist in creating the best experience for your pregnant clients.  Some tables have breast recesses, adjustable abdominal support and many other adjustable parts to make the massage comfortable for pregnant clients.

You can check out this high quality pregnancy massage table from Gecko massage.

  1. Accessories

Selecting the proper table is a great start, but adding accessories will add an extra advantage to your massage technique; it will take the massage experience to the next level. There are many accessories to choose from that will assist in the many different specialties of massage therapy treatments.

  1. Compare and shop

Usually the price range of massage tables is around $250 to &700.  There may be some tables which have the same look and features but have different prices depending on the dealer or location.  Focus on the quality, price, shipping costs, tax and additional benefits.

  1. Quality and warranty

Lastly, be sure to check of a warranty on the table.  A quality brand will always provide a warranty.  A table with lifetime warranty could be worth extra amount up front as a long term investment.

So before you head out shopping for a massage table, keep these points in mind. This ensures a great purchase that will add an extra boost of relaxation for your client.

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Right Massage Therapy Tables for Your Business

Massage Therapy is a hard work. Over time your energy will increase and your fitness may increase, but massage therapy will always remain hard work. Because of this you need the right “tools of the trade”. This includes checking out massage therapy tables and accessories to find the right one for your body. Your massage therapy table needs to be very carefully chosen as it will determine if giving massage treatments on it is comfortable for you or not. Let us take a look at portable massage therapy tables and their benefits.

There are different types of massage tables available in the market. The difference between various types of massage tables is huge. A massage table that has a set height can be a detrimental thing because everyone not has a same height. Your back may get strained, your wrists may get hurt, and you may feel more fatigue that you need to if your massage table is not adjusted to the right height for your body.

A part from the height, look for one that matches your business intention. If you are doing mobile massage, such as home visits, or going to hotels and assisting tourists then the weight of the table is important to consider. Think about the comfort of the tables as well. Do your clients require extra cushioning or support? Find a table that provides superior comfort for your clients. The massage table should be comfortable enough that the client can go to sleep quite comfortably without the use of too many supports.

The last but not in the least thing to think about is how your table will adapt to a protective cover. If you have mobile massage business you will be moving your table around and setting it down on the ground. The massage table can get dirty quite quickly and then you have the problem of hygiene, cleaning the table, and the wear and tear. Buy a good, strong and durable cover that you can easily open and close. Remember the client sees everything, including how clean you and your equipments is.

Massage Table

It’s time to think about what a portable massage tables and accessories offer you and your clients. Whether this is your first portable table or you’re upgrading to a world known and trusted professional grade of equipment, you can rest assured that your clientele will know you care. Gecko Massage offers Invaluable Quality, Incredible Style! The Standard Plus Massage Table Package features a full size hardwood frame construction, rounded corners with a 3” triple wrap CFC-Free cushioning systems. Complete with Reiki endplates, Shiatsu cables, and a patented cradle lock cabling system that provides incredible strength and stability. Package includes portable table, standard carrying case and deluxe adjustable face rest and is available in 5 colours.

Your massage table is as much of an investment as your education and qualification because you can’t do a massage without one.

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Dressing your Massage Table In Elegant Way!

Some Massage therapist will place a sheet over a table and call it complete. However this can leave a client quivering and feeling more than a little exposed. Some Massage therapists give the equivalent efforts to make the table more comfortable. There’s nothing quite like an elegantly dressed table when it comes to providing comfort and warmth for your clients. How can you be sure that you have not crossed the line between comfort and overcompensation for an uncomfortable table? These lines can be unclear. Let us look some of the regularly used table coverings in order of their layering on the table.

Massage Table Warmers

Table warmers are available in many different forms. Some of them are washable while others are not. Before you choose the right one, decide whether or not you plan to practice treatments that required the warmer to be water-proof. If your plan doesn’t include treatments utilizing moisture and free-flowing water, then regular fabric table warmer will work fine. In all cases, check to be sure the warmer has an auto-off feature.

Added Padding

Fleece is the most popular, likely and widely utilized plush covering. This covering provides additional cushion and a degree of comfort. Select fleece with elastic corner holds or a fitted cover to secure it to the table. You have a couple of choices in the type of fleece you utilize. Some people want wool fleece pads and some wants synthetic fleece. Many therapists have a few sets of fleece so they can be changed out between clients on a busy day.

Choose the right sheet

Once your warmer and choice of pad are in place, fix your fitted sheet to the table. The next is your top sheet. Make sure the sheets you buy are suitable for a professional setting. Buying suitable sheets for your practice is fundamental in being considered a professional. Make sure your sheets are in good repair, not blemished and do not stink of old oil. This is more than a teensy bit off putting, and can spoil the whole massage session, no matter how expertly executed.


Cotton thermal is the most likely and widely used blanket in massage. It is prone to reduction and does have a propensity to become snagged. Fleece the hallmark of this fabric is softness. It evokes and immediate relaxation response and is widely used in the industry. Bamboo fabric makes a lovely blanket; offering softness and luxury to any table. Incredibly lush and totally cocooning is Duvet. Its downside is the expense and upkeep of the duvet covers between clients.

Many massage therapists have dissimilar ideas about the way they would like their massage table to look and feel to the client before they climb on. Some therapist would opt for a neat clean, luxurious spa feel with a crunchy, white duvet covering a plush, down comforter, others may prefer a world-traveller look.

The truth is there are no real wrong ideas when it comes to the decorative part of the table. Just keep in mind that all things should present a professional appearance.