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Why Full Body Massage is essential?

Why Full Body Massage is essential?

Receiving a full body massage is a key to good health. Not only is it relaxing it has a lot of benefits too!

Procedure for Full Body Massage

A single session of massage therapy can range from 50 – 60 minutes. The ambiance is pleasant and the lighting is dim to create a sense of calmness before massage starts so you can be completely relaxed during the massage session.

Below are some of the benefits that help us to know why full body massage is essential:

1. Reduces muscular pain

Full body massage can reduce muscular pain and improve blood circulation. It also helps in reducing local circulation which leads to the lack of oxygen and nutrients. This in turn prevents built up of metabolic wastes and toxins.

2. Reduces chronic pain

A lot of research has been done and there is evidence that full body massage is an effective way to improve the function of the body muscles. This also reduces the pain due to past injuries.

3. Reduce Surgery Effects

It is proven that full body massage can increase lymph flow. This massage reduces the extra lymph and harmful toxins and reduces the swelling pain. It also helps in providing necessary oxygen and other nutrients by inducing blood circulation in the body. Clinical research says that full body massage can reduce post-surgery pain especially for those who have under gone heart surgery

4. Increases flexibility

Full body massage increases flexibility and various ranges of motion in different ways. It can relax and loosen the stiff muscles by breaking up adhesion which can form over ligaments and tendons around the joints. Full body massage softens the connective tissue which is around muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments of your body. Research done on a group of dancers showed that regular full body massage improved their range of motion, balance and body posture.

5. Improves posture

Full body massage helps in improving the body’s posture by softening the tissues. Some of the connective tissues of the body get rigid and tight which can lead to poor body posture.

6. Relieves Stress

Full body massage is a proven way to relieve stress. It reduces stress hormones like cortisole and leaves the body feeling refreshed.

7. Improves immune system function

A full body massage helps in boosting a body’s immune system. It allows the nervous system to enter the parasympathetic response which helps with relaxation. Massage aids the body to send more energy through restoration and healing. Studies suggest that a full body massage increases production of immune cells such as natural killer cells and other immune cells. These cells work to fight against the harmful HIV and cancer cells.

8. Relieves tension headaches

A lot of headaches are triggered by muscle tension. Muscles that develop trigger points can send the pain to other parts of the body which includes head and brain. Full body massage helps to relieve the trigger substance. It can help decrease headaches, sleep problems and many problems like migraines. It can be an effective tool in keeping a person’s mind and body healthy. Even the massage oil, massage lotion and other things can help make the massage experience an excellent one.

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What should be used for massage?

Massage therapy is designed to be a reviving experience. To ensure a soothing, relaxing treatment, finding a great massage lubricate is key.

There are many options to choose from and each company will claim that their product it is the best one for various reasons. It is important for you, as the massage therapist to pick a product that will work best for you as well as your client.

Currently you might be using a lubricate which you have used during your training/qualification period but you might be missing much better option.

We will take each type of lubricate and look at its advantages and disadvantages so that it will be easier for you to decide.

1.  Lotions & Creams
Massage lotions are the common lubricates used by massage therapists. Lotions are perfect when your client has a hairy body. The light consistency of the lotion won’t mat the hair and you will be able to do the massage swiftly.

Lotions and creams are kind of similar products, but they have different consistency. Massage creams tend to be thicker, while lotions are thinner and more liquid like. Lotions can give you more return for your buck as they have more spreadability. Creams are good for topical treatments on stiff areas of skin.

Massage lotion and creams are good for deep tissue and other high friction massage types. As they provide medium glide and while they are nourishing the skin they are absorbed fairly at slow rate. These are non-sticky, easy to clean up and are non-slippery too.

Some massage lotions and creams are water based those can make the skin feel dried out. Creams normally come in tubes or jars which don’t work well when transferred into a small pump or squirt bottle to use in a holster, so it can be hassle to reapply during treatment.

Lotions and creams can feel cold when they are first applied to the skin which can uncomfortable to your client.

There are a lot of oils which can be used for massage therapy, some examples of these are jojoba, avocado, fractional coconut, sweet almond, olive, sunflower & rice bran. To make massage more effective therapists sometimes blend oils for specific fragrance and consistency during a massage treatment.

The best property of oil is that it deeply nourishes and absorbs easily. It gives high glide during the treatment, can be easily transferred to small pump or squirt bottles and kept in your holster for easy reapplication during treatment.

Oil can be an economical option when a therapist works on a large surface. It also warms up easily and gives very pleasant experience to the client.

When oil is applied, sometimes the client feels slightly sticky after their treatment. Be sure to apply only the amount needed for your treatment, any excess will need to be wiped away and unfortunately oil can stain clothes or linens. You’ll also want to be careful not to get any on the floor and have either yourself or you client slip and

If you are able to practice with all types of lubricate, you can always check with your client to see what their preference is which will engage them further in the relaxing massage experience you are providing them.

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A Perfect Spa

Here are some tips on how to make a memorable experience in your clinic or a perfect spa for your clients.

  1. Ambiance

The ambiance of your clinic or spa is the first thing your client will notice; the moment they arrive they should feel positive energy and the space should look comfortable and professional with a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

  1. Cleanliness

It is very important to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.  If you clinic or spa is unhygienic it will deter your clients from coming back.

  1. Friendly behaviour

Building client relations is an essential part of any business; your staffs need to be polite, professional and friendly with your clients.  The focus on a client’s massage experience is key…a happy client is a returning client!

  1. Inform and communicate

Whether it is the therapist or receptionist, maintaining good communication with your client is of the utmost importance.

They should be sure to let the clients know all the pertinent details of their treatment (Appointment time, length of appointment, with whom they are booked etc.).  Confirmation of the address of the clinic or spa will help your clients reach your location on time with ease.

The therapist should also inform their clients about the stages of the massage treatment and inquire as to any medical history that may be effect the treatment (Allergies, skin related issues etc.).

It is always good to have an open line of communication so your client feels comfortable and relaxed during their treatment.

  1. Attention to detail

Provide some extra comforts like a stack of fluffy towels that are always ready for clients, be sure you have updated magazines, fresh drinks in treatment room and other such things can help to make the experience an amazing one.

  1. Value for money

Design a client experience with the appropriate facilities in your clinic or spa that will leave them feeling like they received good value for their money.  This will make their decision to return much easier.

  1. Products used

Be open with your clients and let them know which brand or which kind of massage products you are using and choose products that are of the highest quality.

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  1. Lighting

Lighting helps create a perfect ambiance for your clients.  Having your lights set on a dimmer switch will allow you to personalize the lighting to each of your clients.

  1. Music

Play quiet, soothing music inside your spa to make the massage experience more rejuvenating one.

Keep the above points in mind to make your spa the best one in the city.

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Tips to buy right massage table

Tips to buy right massage table

A massage table is the most important tool for a massage therapist. An apt table will amplify the comfort of your client by giving them a platform to relax and let you practice massage at your highest potential. A massage table is the foundation of your practice and your business. There is a huge market of massage tables and chairs, it might seem overwhelming trying to find the right table for your business.

Remember the below tips to buy a right massage table:

  1. Make a budget

Set a budget and stick to it.  Keep in mind the total cost of purchase including shipping, taxes, and accessories involved in it.  There may also be an opportunity to get a package deal complete with all the items you are looking for, which may be more cost efficient for you.

  1. Comfort first

While buying the table think about the ergonomic factors and your comfort.

Consider 3 main things – Carrying weight, table width and table height.

Carrying Weight – Depending on the width of your table the weight of the table can vary between 22 and 40 pounds.

Height – Find a massage table that comes with adjustable height settings so you can adjust it for your comfort level.

Width – You’ll need to find the compromise between your and your clients comfort here although 28-32 inches is highly recommended for most massage therapists.  A therapist having to reach too far across the table could be uncomfortable but if the table is too narrow then your client may be worried about falling off when adjusting positions.

Some tables have the capacity to extend the tables length by approximately 12 inches and/or width by 6-8 inches.

  1. Weight limits and safety

Choose a strong and stable massage table which can take a fair amount of weight.  Before buying check the reinforcing elements, quality of craftsmanship and the kind of wood, aluminium, or plastic used.  Check the weight rating of the table which should be at least 500 pounds of downward applied force.

  1. Specialties

If you specialize in pregnancy massage you might look to purchase a table that will assist in creating the best experience for your pregnant clients.  Some tables have breast recesses, adjustable abdominal support and many other adjustable parts to make the massage comfortable for pregnant clients.

You can check out this high quality pregnancy massage table from Gecko massage.

  1. Accessories

Selecting the proper table is a great start, but adding accessories will add an extra advantage to your massage technique; it will take the massage experience to the next level. There are many accessories to choose from that will assist in the many different specialties of massage therapy treatments.

  1. Compare and shop

Usually the price range of massage tables is around $250 to &700.  There may be some tables which have the same look and features but have different prices depending on the dealer or location.  Focus on the quality, price, shipping costs, tax and additional benefits.

  1. Quality and warranty

Lastly, be sure to check of a warranty on the table.  A quality brand will always provide a warranty.  A table with lifetime warranty could be worth extra amount up front as a long term investment.

So before you head out shopping for a massage table, keep these points in mind. This ensures a great purchase that will add an extra boost of relaxation for your client.

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Guide to Massage Oils for Massage Therapist

Guide to Massage Oils for Massage Therapist

Just as a hair stylist needs a pair of scissors, or a carpenter needs a saw; a massage therapist needs good quality massage oil. It is an important ingredient to make a memorable massage experience for their clients.

Why use massage oils?
Massage oils not only nourish the skin, they also allow the massage therapist to glide their hands

Oil to be preferred
Look for a massage oil that offers a good glide for all kinds of massage strokes as well as one that feels good and nourishes you client’s skin. Choose one rich in Jojoba and Vitamin E such as Gecko Massage Supply’s Gecko Gold Holly Oil.

Some clients like to have aromatherapy included as an element in their massage. Many massage oils are a great carrier for essential oils and can help with problems like sinus pressure or extreme stress. Be careful to only use a minimal amount of scent so it does not over power the room and remain prominent for other treatments that day.

Before the first massage treatment with a client ask them to fill out a basic medical history, including a list of allergy issues they may have. There are many hypo-allergenic massage oils to choose from.

Ideal absorption rate and properties
A good massage oil should be absorbed easily but slowly into the skin so that you do not need to apply oil repeatedly throughout the treatment.

Mineral-rich and stable
Gecko Massage Supply’s Gecko Gold Holly Oil, contains Jojoba and is rich in Vitamin E which will your the client’s skin and leave them feeling moisturized.

Be sure to check out all the properties of the massage oil before placing order for massage supplies.

Some benefits of having a massage are:
Massage therapy is a great way to mature gracefully rather than age painfully.

  • Massage Therapy enhances body’s blood circulation which directly cleanses body and makes you look more youthful.
  • Massage is a great solution to body pain. It warms the subtle energy channels which then expand and allow toxins to move out of the body and ease pain.
  • Using a great Massage Oil can help by softening the skin to prevent dryness and help create a healthy radiance and glow.
  • Massage Therapy can make a person feel energetic, light, and strong. Activity then remains a joy and their body does stiffen and get sore.
  • There could be a boost the body’s immune system
  • Massage Therapy is relaxing, improves sleep to help with problems like insomnia.
  • Massage helps banish fatigue that causes stress on your body.
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Tips on creating relaxing massage therapy experience

Tips on creating relaxing massage therapy experience

Quite undeniably, while performing a therapeutic massage, one requires plenty of professional training. By learning some of these massage techniques and how to employ them, it is easy to have a good massage experience at home. It is, however, vital to keep in mind that without professional training, one should be vigilant and mindful of the pressure that is applied to the techniques. Do not go overboard and apply heavy pressure.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most effective massage tips that will aid in giving a relaxing and a tissue stimulating massage experience to someone in need.

Massage Supplies

First and foremost, it is incredibly important to get the massage supplies right. Your techniques, even the most well practiced ones, will go in vain, if you don’t rely on the right massage supplies. Irrespective of your country of residence, ensure that you rely on Wholesale Massage Supplies of your country. For instance, if you are in Canada, then opt for products of Wholesale massage supplies in Canada. In your search you will come across plenty of massage supplies in Canada that will help you choose the right massage products.

Pick a comfortable massage table

Ideally, you should have access to a good massage table that is comfortable and suitable for the massage.
For some reason, if you don’t have access to a massage table, then opt for a soft mat that offers comfort for the person receiving the massage.

Oils and lotions

One of the most common questions that get asked is “What kind of massage oils and lotions should be used in regular massages?” There are many choices available and the choice depends on the preference of the massage therapist. The key aspect to focus on when choosing your massage oil or lotion is its ingredients. All products are made with either a plant or petroleum base oil. Either base is a safe, healthy option but they do behave differently so know your therapeutic goal and client. The extra ingredients present give the product shelf live, feel and slide, coating and therapeutic benefits.
In addition to choosing the right ingredients, you’ll want to also think about its cost effectiveness. Therefore, it is advisable to explore the option of e-commerce. You can buy massage oils online from reliable massage oil and lotion companies.

Remember, apart from having strong and firm hands, an important tool a massage therapist must have is a good massage lubricant. So, do your research well and pick the right oil or lotion for you.

Create an environment

For a good massage experience, make sure that the room where the massage is going to take place is warm and not too hot. The idea is to create an environment for the person to get his/her muscles relaxed. Playing relaxing music is a good idea. Keep the volume low. Turn down the lights just enough so that there is no glare in the room. Additionally, you can light scented candles to create an aroma in the room. But, ask the person before lighting these candles as some people are sensitive to the smell.

Carry plenty of towels

Lastly, have plenty of clean towels on hand for use during the massage. You will need these towels to wipe the excess oil off your hands during and after the massage.

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Different types of Massage Modalities!!

Different types of Massage Modalities!!

There are different types of massage modalities, massage therapies & strokes being used. Below are some massages modalities that can help you practice be a great.

Acupressure: Acupressure is part of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupressure uses deep finger pressure applied at some points located along an unseen systems of energy channels within the body called meridians. A massage therapist will use different pressure points depending on what the ailment or pain complained by clients.

Aromatherapy: Dating back to ancient Egypt, India, and the Far East, this massage therapy has been used for centuries to reduce pressure and tension, refresh and invigorate the body, and clear the mind. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for healing and rejuvenates effects.

Bowen Technique: This massage technique crated by Australian Thomas Ambrose Bowen. Tom developed this modality successfully on many clients starting in the mid-1950. This massage technique uses gentle pushing force and little movements in certain areas of body to stimulate its own curative resources.

Chair Massage: When a ten or twenty minute relaxation massage session is needed, this massage technique is recommended for them. You are massaged in a special chair designed to unwind you. Many companies recognize this type of massage therapy for employees’ wellness programs.

Craniosacral Therapy: Craniosacral Therapy involves gentle manipulation of the bones of the skull. Craniosacral Therapists assist in facilitating change in areas of restriction where this tide-like motion is limited, and immobilized. This therapy is very helpful to those with nervous disorders, motor-coordination impairments, insomnia, and other problems.

Deep Tissue Massage: This massage technique is intended to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. This massage technique focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. Deep tissue massage is a separate category of massage therapy.

Haelan Therapy: Developed by Janet F. Quinn, Ph.D, R.N., a practitioner of therapeutic touch. This massage therapy recognizes that people who are in pain are often unable to focus on the need to integrate body, and mind.

Hot Stone Massage: This massage technique is developed in the Midweast for use in health spas. A total of up to 84 stones are sued including basalt stones & marble. These stones are placed on the body and some are softly moved about light pressure being exerted on the warm stones.

Polarity Therapy: This technique introduces by chiropractor and osteopath Randolph Stone. The massage theory behind this holistic approach is based on every cell in the body having a positive and negative pole and the electromagnetic energy in the body. This therapy is very useful for arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, stress, PMS, depression and more.

Reflexology: This is an acupressure type technique. Popularized in the United States by physiotherapist Eunice Inghram in the 1930s. The theory is that pressures functional in certain areas send signals to the corresponding location, gland through the nervous systems helping to provide balance to the desired area.

Sport Massage: Sport massage is used as a preventive medicine for many athletes before, during, and after athletic events. Depending on the needs of the athlete, different types of techniques are used including Swedish massage, Shiatsu, and Trigger point.

Swedish massage: Swedish massage is now known as traditional massage. This massage therapy includes long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction, tapping, and shaking motions. It is effective for most ailments. Many modalities blend well with Swedish massage.

Thai Massage: Thai massage is an interactive manipulation of the body using passive stretching and mild pressure along energy lines. This ancient form of massage dates back to the time of Buddha. The massage therapist use hands, knees, legs and feet to place the receiver into yoga like positions and stretches. A benefit includes relaxation, increased power, increased flexibility, greater range of motion and increased circulation.

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Hands! One tool Massage Therapist Uses Most!

Hands! One tool Massage Therapist Uses Most!

We start learn to massage with the hands first, and later move on to tools, forearms and possibly feet. There are different types of workshops, books, and DVDs available in market about how to take care of your hands. The tool a massage therapist uses the most is the hand. A very little information can go a long way in protecting the skin of our hands, arms, and feet.

What is contact eczema?

Contact eczema is a skin reaction to allergens and irritants, which commonly looks like red, swollen, flaky, or prickly skin. Contact eczema is usually caused by harsh soaps and cleaning agents, as well as other chemicals. Most massage products don’t include these kinds of extremely harsh chemicals, but many do contain more mildly infuriating ingredients. Some of these ingredients are enough to cause a skin reaction for those with sensitive skin. Even massage therapists who normally don’t react poorly to the various chemicals in their lives can develop contact eczema when it’s come to their massage products.

Hands! One tool Massage Therapist Uses Most!

Massage lotions, creams, and oil are designed and developed for clients. Clients might spend an hour a week or an hour a month in contact with these massage products, which might be enough to cause a reaction unless they have particularly sensitive skin. Massage therapist or Bodyworker, however, might spend 10, 20, or 30 hours with their hands in their products. It’s this big amount of exposure that increases the risk of a reaction in the skin.

How to avoid contact eczema!

If you don’t know or don’t understand what ingredients are, don’t be afraid to ask! A quick internet search can also tell you if an ingredient has been known to be infuriating to the skin. If your skin is sensitive, it’s best to stay away from all but the most clean and calming ingredients.

Gecko Massage Products are developed with sensitive skin in mind. Holly Massage Oil and Holly Massage Gel are the gentlest and most nourishing for sensitive skin, and are the best choice for people who’ve suffered from skin irritation due to massage products in the past. Our supreme Green Massage Lotion is also very gentle, with a lighter feel. If you need a massage lotion rather than massage oil, our hypoallergenic massage lotion is as mild as they come.

If you need more information about any of our massage products or the ingredients, let us know how we can help you! Remember: your clients’ wellbeing is truly in your hands.

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Massage Products sell themselves

Massage Products sell themselves

No matter how good your massage products or services are, no one will buy if they don’t know they exist, and believe that they can fulfill their requirements. If you have good massage products, the best way to sell it is to let people try it, because desirable massage products sell themselves. With many considerate ways you can serve your customers better, and improve your bottom line. Here we are not talking about a huge sway in your behavior or your performance that will require you to overhaul your whole philosophy. We are talking about the things you can do and implement without much effort through which you can retain more clients while strengthening your own bottom line.

Massage Products

Concern about a need 
Before the clients buy your products they may have some concerns. Let us start with pain management. Clients come with you for a wide array of reasons. They hope that you can find out the reason why they’re in pain and then treat it. They look to you to be a health care provider. Proper assessment and treatment is the key of success in alleviating pain. Find an analgesic you love and believe in; one that you would use on yourself and your family should the need arise. Have this product available for sale during your massage practice. Whenever you use this product on your client, no doubt they will want to know more about it and have some for use at home. These progressions do not require any specific salesmanship. Your client will feel the difference and they will wish to take some at home. You sell the product that you believe and use, and they trust you in making the health care decisions.

Your session practice
What you use during treatment can benefit your practice. Let us say that clients share their product with a friend battling pain. Inevitably, the client shares that they got this product from their massage therapist and suggests your name. This represents two great reasons someone may wish book an appointment for massage. This is the most effective way of receiving client referrals. Be sure that your clients have a few of your business cards for such an occurrence. This is the second way you can strengthen your income and provide valuable service to your clients.

Seasonal treatment
Let us not forget to offer seasonal treatment. Build your traffic by offering seasonal treatments, use products that clients can speak about. Treatment products come in a wide collection of scent profiles that will enable you to use professional grade products while offering seasonal inspired treatments. It is highly likely someone who has just been treated to a relaxing treatment will want to buy products to use at home. Have a massage product on hand, visible for the client to see and offered for sale outside the session room. Your client will choose and buy the goods without your feeling you have to sell. The key of doing this successfully is to use only professional massage products  in your massage suppliers business or clinic.

This will bring your clients closer and in doing so will help strengthen your massage suppliers business or clinic.

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Quality Massage Products improve Business

Quality Massage Products improve Business

Massage suppliers have a unique career in many ways. Being a massage therapist you need to do hard work, but over time your stamina will increase and your fitness may increase. The most common reasons why people get into massage therapy or massage supplies business is the immense amount of freedom. As a massage therapist they can find employment easily. They can freelance or often they can venture their own massage therapy clinic or massage supplies business. Regardless of the path that you choose, having right massage products is definitely necessary.

Before you start your massage supplies business or clinic, you have to purchase massage equipment. This includes massage tables, massage oils, massage gels, massage lotions etc. It can be all too easy to skimp on quality when you are buying your first massage equipment. But most of experts would recommend buy quality for the first time because often your first impression is the last impression. This will not only allow you to meet your complete potential performance, but it will also save you from having to replace them later on when things become more serious.

If you are doing mobile massage, such as home visits, or going to hotels and assisting tourists then the product you use is important to consider. Find the massage table that provides superior comfort for your clients. A massage table should be comfortable enough that the client can go to sleep quite comfortably without use of too many supports. Buy massage oil/gel/lotion which does not feels greasy after the session. Look for quality and the right kind of massage lubricate for your massage session. Here at Gecko Massage Supply, we take care in choosing the best ingredients to create each of our unique formulations. Holly Massage Gel provides the most gentle, yet powerful tools to help you promote physical healing and reduce stress. Use non-staining Gecko Gold G2 Lotion or Gecko Gold Holly Oil, they will make your session easy. Gecko Green Supreme Massage Lotion gives you just enough grip to do bone deep trigger point and with only the tiniest bit more applied.

It is important for a massage therapist to promote themselves. But with quality massage equipments your massage supplies business or clinic will become famous easily. Some massage therapists organize events where they give short massage and try to drum up some extra business.

It is quite clear that there are plenty of reasons to get quality massage products, when you want to expand, improve your business and visibility.