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Foot Reflexology Techniques

Foot Reflexology Techniques

Reflexology is a therapy in which pressure is applied on various zones or reflexes on sole and the top of the foot. Each reflex or zone represents a corresponding area of body. By stimulating the reflex the corresponding organ of the body is stimulated through reflexology.

Therapists claim that the reflexology therapy can help someone get relief from tension, improve their blood circulation and lymph circulation, and promotion of healing by activating the immune responses of the body. It can also help to reduces stress, soothe inflammation and improve existing chronic ailments.

There are different types of reflexology techniques

Vertical Reflex Therapy
The Vertical Reflex Therapy was founded by Lynne Booth. She is a graduate of IIR in the UK. Lynne’s method includes the patient standing and the therapist treating the dorsal (Upper) part of the foot.

This technique worked better than traditional reflexology because a weight-bearing foot is more sensitized then the relaxed foot.

Gentle Touch Method
Sue Ricks developed Gentle Touch Reflexology in the UK. Based on conventional reflexology but done with a lighter touch. Therefore in this there is no manual stimulating of the reflexes with pressure.

With the Gentle Touch Method the feet are worked alternately and not consecutively, so the body remains in balance.

Hot Stone Method
In this technique warm basalt pebbles are utilized in combination with reflexology techniques. The warm stones are also positioned on the body at various points to ‘open the energy pathways.’

Practitioners say that the warmth from the stones helps with relaxation. Sometimes the stones are also used cold to promote healing.

Precision Method
The base of Precision Reflexology is an Oriental philosophy. It states that a man is part of the web of nature and that the human body reflects that web.

The reflexes are considered as connected with each other. A significant part of precision reflexology is done by balancing the body systems through touching more than one reflex at a time.

Ayurvedic Reflexology
Ayurvedic Reflexology is a combo of conventional reflexology; Ayurveda techniques (it is a traditional healing system from India, where the movement of hand follows the direction of pranic energy), and the application of essential oils chosen as per the needs of the patient. Often a warmed, brass bowl is gently applied to the feet. This treatment was developed by, Sharon Stathis, in Brisbane, Australia.

Rwo Shur Reflexology
A Catholic priest Father Josef was a missionary working in Taiwan. He was severely suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in his knees. A colleague of his suggested reflexology.

At that time there were no reflexology practitioners in Taiwan, so Father Josef researched reflexology through books and applied the techniques himself. He used to do a deep stimulation technique functional with his knuckles. It was extremely painful. However, after 2 weeks the arthritis was gone. He shared his new-found knowledge with the people of Taiwan.

Unfortunately, his successful practice and school was closed by the government of Taiwan. Eventually Father Josef was authorized to carry on his work in a restricted hospital setting.


Metamorphic Technique
The Metamorphic Technique is based on the spine reflex that runs along the hands, feet and head. It’s a calming method and patients are encouraged to sleep at the time of treatment. Therapists claim that it is a good option for unsettled babies and young children. In this technique pressure is not used; instead, a light touch is applied.

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What should be used for massage?

Massage therapy is designed to be a reviving experience. To ensure a soothing, relaxing treatment, finding a great massage lubricate is key.

There are many options to choose from and each company will claim that their product it is the best one for various reasons. It is important for you, as the massage therapist to pick a product that will work best for you as well as your client.

Currently you might be using a lubricate which you have used during your training/qualification period but you might be missing much better option.

We will take each type of lubricate and look at its advantages and disadvantages so that it will be easier for you to decide.

1.  Lotions & Creams
Massage lotions are the common lubricates used by massage therapists. Lotions are perfect when your client has a hairy body. The light consistency of the lotion won’t mat the hair and you will be able to do the massage swiftly.

Lotions and creams are kind of similar products, but they have different consistency. Massage creams tend to be thicker, while lotions are thinner and more liquid like. Lotions can give you more return for your buck as they have more spreadability. Creams are good for topical treatments on stiff areas of skin.

Massage lotion and creams are good for deep tissue and other high friction massage types. As they provide medium glide and while they are nourishing the skin they are absorbed fairly at slow rate. These are non-sticky, easy to clean up and are non-slippery too.

Some massage lotions and creams are water based those can make the skin feel dried out. Creams normally come in tubes or jars which don’t work well when transferred into a small pump or squirt bottle to use in a holster, so it can be hassle to reapply during treatment.

Lotions and creams can feel cold when they are first applied to the skin which can uncomfortable to your client.

There are a lot of oils which can be used for massage therapy, some examples of these are jojoba, avocado, fractional coconut, sweet almond, olive, sunflower & rice bran. To make massage more effective therapists sometimes blend oils for specific fragrance and consistency during a massage treatment.

The best property of oil is that it deeply nourishes and absorbs easily. It gives high glide during the treatment, can be easily transferred to small pump or squirt bottles and kept in your holster for easy reapplication during treatment.

Oil can be an economical option when a therapist works on a large surface. It also warms up easily and gives very pleasant experience to the client.

When oil is applied, sometimes the client feels slightly sticky after their treatment. Be sure to apply only the amount needed for your treatment, any excess will need to be wiped away and unfortunately oil can stain clothes or linens. You’ll also want to be careful not to get any on the floor and have either yourself or you client slip and

If you are able to practice with all types of lubricate, you can always check with your client to see what their preference is which will engage them further in the relaxing massage experience you are providing them.

Visit Gecko Massage Supply for great high quality, low cost massage oil, lotions and gels.

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Tips on creating relaxing massage therapy experience

Tips on creating relaxing massage therapy experience

Quite undeniably, while performing a therapeutic massage, one requires plenty of professional training. By learning some of these massage techniques and how to employ them, it is easy to have a good massage experience at home. It is, however, vital to keep in mind that without professional training, one should be vigilant and mindful of the pressure that is applied to the techniques. Do not go overboard and apply heavy pressure.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most effective massage tips that will aid in giving a relaxing and a tissue stimulating massage experience to someone in need.

Massage Supplies

First and foremost, it is incredibly important to get the massage supplies right. Your techniques, even the most well practiced ones, will go in vain, if you don’t rely on the right massage supplies. Irrespective of your country of residence, ensure that you rely on Wholesale Massage Supplies of your country. For instance, if you are in Canada, then opt for products of Wholesale massage supplies in Canada. In your search you will come across plenty of massage supplies in Canada that will help you choose the right massage products.

Pick a comfortable massage table

Ideally, you should have access to a good massage table that is comfortable and suitable for the massage.
For some reason, if you don’t have access to a massage table, then opt for a soft mat that offers comfort for the person receiving the massage.

Oils and lotions

One of the most common questions that get asked is “What kind of massage oils and lotions should be used in regular massages?” There are many choices available and the choice depends on the preference of the massage therapist. The key aspect to focus on when choosing your massage oil or lotion is its ingredients. All products are made with either a plant or petroleum base oil. Either base is a safe, healthy option but they do behave differently so know your therapeutic goal and client. The extra ingredients present give the product shelf live, feel and slide, coating and therapeutic benefits.
In addition to choosing the right ingredients, you’ll want to also think about its cost effectiveness. Therefore, it is advisable to explore the option of e-commerce. You can buy massage oils online from reliable massage oil and lotion companies.

Remember, apart from having strong and firm hands, an important tool a massage therapist must have is a good massage lubricant. So, do your research well and pick the right oil or lotion for you.

Create an environment

For a good massage experience, make sure that the room where the massage is going to take place is warm and not too hot. The idea is to create an environment for the person to get his/her muscles relaxed. Playing relaxing music is a good idea. Keep the volume low. Turn down the lights just enough so that there is no glare in the room. Additionally, you can light scented candles to create an aroma in the room. But, ask the person before lighting these candles as some people are sensitive to the smell.

Carry plenty of towels

Lastly, have plenty of clean towels on hand for use during the massage. You will need these towels to wipe the excess oil off your hands during and after the massage.

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Five ways massage can improve your health

Five ways massage can improve your health

Massage is a great for relaxation! It not only provides you with relaxation, but it help give you a complete package of tools to help with a healthier life. Massage therapy is now becoming a primary treatment method for some of the body’s problems. Below are five ways massage therapy can improve your health.

  1. Eases muscle pain – Got sore muscles? Massage therapy can help you right away. Massage increases & improves blood circulation. It promotes circulation to affected or injured muscles, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues.  Massage products are indeed a plus when it’s about muscle pain as some of the massage lotion & massage oil are nutritious for skin & muscles.
  2. Soothes depression and anxiety – A reviving massage can be therapeutic. Massage therapy affects the body’s biochemistry and many people suffering from depression and anxiety have felt the benefits of increased serotonin and dopamine levels.
  3.  Improves Sleep – People suffering from insomnia show great results of improved sleep after a gentle massage.  Massage therapist using high quality massage therapy supplies are the ones who can give a perfect rejuvenating massage to win over insomnia.
  4. Boosts immunityPeople suffering with high levels of stress are more exposed to illness/ disease. When stress combines with less time to sleep, the impact is directly upon the immune system of that person. Well the answer to this is a regular massage session with professional massage therapist which will not only reduce the stress but also boost the immune system.  Just like your regular workout sessions, regular massage sessions are also good for your immune system and to keep your body in shape.
  5. Hydrating your skin – Many people find that the use of good quality oils and lotions, such as those produced at  Gecko Massage , during their regular treatments leave their skin feeling moisturized and well conditioned.

Conclusion – 

Regular massage sessions with a massage therapist using proper massage products will help your body to be in perfect sync.  Gecko Massage offers high quality products which are manufactured with right nutrient balance formula. For more Information, click

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Portable Massage Table Improves Business!

Massage therapists have an inimitable career in many ways. One of the most common reasons why people get into massage therapy is because of the enormous amount of freedom that the job can offer. Many different places are available for a massage therapist to find employment, or often they will venture out their own, working as a freelancer or opening their own practice. Regardless of the path that you choose, having a portable massage table is certainly essential.

The massage table is the most significant tool for the massage therapist, besides their hands. This is where the patient will spend the majority of the session, which is why it is essential that they are relaxed for the duration of their visit. A slapdash table will make a poor impression, even if it functions fine.

Portable Massage Table

A portable massage table is often the very first piece of equipment that a massage therapist purchases. It can be all too easy to skimp on quality when buying a first massage table, but most experts would suggest buying quality for the first time. This will not only allow you to be at your fullest possible performance-wise, but will also keep you away from having to replace it later on when things become more grave. In your massage therapy career if you are truly dedicated then a quality and good portable massage table will be a long-term investment in your future.

If you are not planning to start as a travelling massage therapist, you may be surprised by how often you end up using your portable massage table. You also may have clients who will pay extra for in-house visits. With a portable massage table it can be easy to make some extra income.

It is important for massage therapists to promote themselves. Many massage therapists will coordinate events where they give short massage to try to drum up some extra business. Setting up a portable massage table at a sporting event, a hotel, corporate event, or any other place where passerby may want a massage is an excellent way to let people know about your service and earn some money at the same time.

There are plenty of reasons to get a portable massage table, including the flexibility to provide massage therapy when and where ever you want to expand your business and visibility.

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Right Massage Therapy Tables for Your Business

Massage Therapy is a hard work. Over time your energy will increase and your fitness may increase, but massage therapy will always remain hard work. Because of this you need the right “tools of the trade”. This includes checking out massage therapy tables and accessories to find the right one for your body. Your massage therapy table needs to be very carefully chosen as it will determine if giving massage treatments on it is comfortable for you or not. Let us take a look at portable massage therapy tables and their benefits.

There are different types of massage tables available in the market. The difference between various types of massage tables is huge. A massage table that has a set height can be a detrimental thing because everyone not has a same height. Your back may get strained, your wrists may get hurt, and you may feel more fatigue that you need to if your massage table is not adjusted to the right height for your body.

A part from the height, look for one that matches your business intention. If you are doing mobile massage, such as home visits, or going to hotels and assisting tourists then the weight of the table is important to consider. Think about the comfort of the tables as well. Do your clients require extra cushioning or support? Find a table that provides superior comfort for your clients. The massage table should be comfortable enough that the client can go to sleep quite comfortably without the use of too many supports.

The last but not in the least thing to think about is how your table will adapt to a protective cover. If you have mobile massage business you will be moving your table around and setting it down on the ground. The massage table can get dirty quite quickly and then you have the problem of hygiene, cleaning the table, and the wear and tear. Buy a good, strong and durable cover that you can easily open and close. Remember the client sees everything, including how clean you and your equipments is.

Massage Table

It’s time to think about what a portable massage tables and accessories offer you and your clients. Whether this is your first portable table or you’re upgrading to a world known and trusted professional grade of equipment, you can rest assured that your clientele will know you care. Gecko Massage offers Invaluable Quality, Incredible Style! The Standard Plus Massage Table Package features a full size hardwood frame construction, rounded corners with a 3” triple wrap CFC-Free cushioning systems. Complete with Reiki endplates, Shiatsu cables, and a patented cradle lock cabling system that provides incredible strength and stability. Package includes portable table, standard carrying case and deluxe adjustable face rest and is available in 5 colours.

Your massage table is as much of an investment as your education and qualification because you can’t do a massage without one.

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Latent Benefits of Healthy Massage

Latent Benefits of Healthy Massage

Massage is now no longer available only through luxury spas and posh health clubs. Today, massage therapy is offered in business, clinics and even in hospitals.  If you’ve never tried, learn about its possible health benefits and what to expect during massage therapy session.

What is Massage?

Massage is a relaxing treatment that has been around for thousands of years. In fact word “massage” comes from the Greek root “masso”, which means “to touch.” It is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure. In a massage, a caring, safe touch is an invitation to relax. This, together with pain relief generally produces a “relaxation response.”

Massage Can Help with…..

Stress:  Massage is one of the most and best known antidotes for stress. It will reduce your stress and gives you more energy, improves your outlook on life, and in the process reduces your likelihood of injury and illness.

Joint pain or restriction: Massage works directly on your joints by improving circulation around them and stimulating the production of natural lubrication within them. It relieves pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Improving Circulation: Massage is believed to improve blood and lymph circulation. Improve circulation can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells.

Less cellulite: A good massage relaxes the body and soul but, a great massage decreases lymphatic build-up, helps prevent cellulite and increase oxygen rich blood flow to your skin cells.

Relaxing Tissue: Massage therapy will reduce painful contractions and spasms. Massage also reduces nerve compression. During massage the nerves can assume their normal work of transmitting massage to and from the brain. This in turn improves functioning of the muscles and organs.

Getting a frequently massage can do you a world of good. Scheduled self-care can play a huge part in how strong you’ll be and how youthful you’ll remain with each passing year. Consider massage appointments a regular activity of your health and wellness plan because taking care of your body should be at the top of your priorities.

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Improve Your Massage Therapy Session with Fewer Tips

Improve Your Massage Therapy Session

Satisfy existing consumers, Attract new consumers & generate more revenues!!

If you are truly passionate about your craft you will go that extra mile to make sure that you are doing your absolute best. In any field one mistake or bad experience can easily hurt your reputation and on the other hand a good experience can gain more clients. For a Massage Therapist this is important. An amazing Massage Session will gain more business and on the other side a bad one hurt your reputation.  Consumers expect to feel less pain and more relaxed after a Massage Therapy session. If you are giving your best and you really want to improve a client expedience through your extra efforts, they will diffidently take notice. Here are some tips that will help you to meet your full potential.

Improve Your Massage Therapy Session
Improve Your Massage Therapy Session

Focus on Individuality: Massage Therapy is a job but if you will enjoy your work then it is more than that. Your clients trust you to help them reduce stress, more cares and it is important that you not let them down. Avoid being casual or unprofessional in any way. Follow up with each and ask them for genuine feedback on the session. Ask them if they would like to book as a regular patient to address. Give your client an opportunity to help you grow your business.


Use Quality Massage Products: Finding the right Massage Oil, Lotion, Gel, or Cream is often a matter of personal preference. Chemicals that might not generally cause of skin irritation in a healthy person can cause itching and dryness in someone with extra-sensitive skin. When you are in treatment, it’s important the product you use doesn’t hold you hostage with stickiness, odour or having to reapply. Gecko Massage Products are so well designed, your all patient will tell you that they feel clean and moisturized afterwards. Our products are, hypo-allergenic and break down in warm water. They are non-staining and have no scents or scent neutralizers in them.

Some Massage Techniques: Each and every one of your massage should be personal and catered to their specific needs. Use a deep gliding stroke called effleurage from shoulder to wrist returning to shoulder. Vigorously rub with a Friction stroke across the shoulder. Proceed down the top of the arm and hand, returning to the shoulder via the underside of the arm. Every time finish with effleurage from shoulder to wrist and ending at the shoulder.

The best Massage Session is the one that reminds your client, it has been too long since they were on the table. The one that reinforce, that yes, this is a HEALING art.