Gecko Massage Sheets




About Gecko Massage Sheets

All our lines are custom sewn folded edge seams They are made to our exacting standards and made from 100% quality cotton flannel. They are durable and hold up well to repeated washing. Flannel sheets tend to shrink in length over time so the 100 inch length flat sheets will always fit your table and have
extra to wrap up your clients feet with.

Why a flat face rest cover?

Our flat face rest covers are 36 inches wide and 27 inches high. It takes only a few tries to master the skill of wrapping them around your face rest to cover your cushion. What’s truly great about this style is after you’ve flipped your client, your face rest now becomes a hair covering cloth that totally removes all
hairs from the clients neck as they are tucked in. It also protects the hair from oil and lotions. They can easily be used as traction cloths and to apply a gentle skin drag when finishing your treatment. Not only will your client love the passive skin stretch but you’ll remove all residual massage products on their skin.

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A- fitted sheet, B- flat sheet 45 inch, C- flat sheet 55 inch, D- fitted face rest cover, E- flat face rest cover, Set ABD, Set ABE, Set ACD, Set ACE