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Gecko Massage Supply Co is one of the largest natural and holistic Massage Products manufacturer and massage supplies , Spa Supplies professional based  in Canada.  Since 1997, our products have been used by 100’s of distributors all around the world with over two lacs liters of massage products have been already sold.Our products have been trusted by Massage Therapists, Spas, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Body workers, Athletic Therapists, Salons, Clinics Massage Colleges and many more.

We are also online specialists providing the best range of established and trusted massage oils, gel, creams & lotions.Everything you need for your professional massage therapy and wellness store. Gecko Massage Products are Canada’s most trusted and best designed products. They are exceptionally well tailored to our customer’s goal.  Buying at Gecko Massage is easy.

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Massage Distributors

We have 30 distributors throughout Canada who have found selling Gecko products easy and profitable. From Spas to Clinics to Retail stores, no distributor is too small.If you are looking to expand your product line or increase your clinics income we have a distributorship for you that will work.

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Massage Therapists and Hospitals

Having a quality, trusted product is incredibly important to your practice. We pride ourselves in making low cost, high performance products with safe ingredients that are hypo-allergenic, non scented, scent neutralizer free and breakdown in water.

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Massage Colleges

Our products are used by all Massage Colleges in Canada and Mexico. We are proud to say that our products are included in their curriculum. Purchase our products online or click here to fill up a contact form and we will get back to you shortly.Best College support guaranteed.

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Our customers include Massage Therapists,Physiotherapists, Body workers, Athletic Therapists, Salons, Clinics and the nurturer in your life that wants to use the best products available. We can deliver anywhere, anytime and refund if for any reason our products don’t meet  your standards.

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Massage Bulk Orders

Massage Distributors , Massage Therapists, Spas, and all those who are looking to make bulk orders, for Massage Lotions, Massage Gels, Massage Oils, in different sizes and bottles can fill up the contact form and get the best prices.  View More

Massage Supplies Winnipeg

What We Serve

Services we provide, makes us stand apart.
Private Labeling
Using the latest technology,We use safe, proven ingredients to manufacture all our Gecko Massage Products. 20+ years of Manufacturing Experience.
Online Bulk Orders
Over 30 Distributors and Bodywork Colleges in Canada that honour us by selling and using our products. We sell from a 2 liter bottle all the way up to a 1200 liter tote.
We Serve Everyone
Our customers include Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Body workers, Athletic Therapists, Salons, Clinics and the nurturer in your life that wants to use the best products available.
Customer Care
We provide our customers, friends and colleagues legendry products and services. Come see why professionals of all modalities have come to believe in us. With a customer happiness guarantee on all our products you will always have a positive experience with Gecko Massage Products.

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Are you looking for bulk orders? We have best prices available for our Distributors and Bulk orders.

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Is Your College Teaching Massage Therapy

Our quality products are included in the Curriculum of many colleges. Apply for our College Supply Program and get products at lowest prices.

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