Right Massage Lubricant

What is the Right Massage Lubricant?

Apart from smooth and strong hands, the most important tool a massage therapist can have is the right massage lubricate. You will have many choices. Should it be oil, lotion, cream or gel? Should it have slip or drag? What ingredients should it have? Take a look to see which ingredients are important. How they can be beneficial to both you and your clients.

Massage therapists know their skills and techniques. They know their skills are always going to evolve. A passionate massage therapist will spend time to learn new methods, try new products. Also determine what works best for them and their clients. One of the most significant aspects of a massage session to consider is which lubricate should be used. Every client has different needs and should be approached like a blank canvas. There are so many things a massage therapist has to consider.

For Example:

Lotions, gels or oils? –  The question is which medium to use with how much glide is needed. Sometimes for deep-tissue massage, massage lotion is ideal.  With the aid of lotions, a massage therapist can clutch and manipulate muscles and tissues firmly. Massage Lotion also doesn’t leave a greasy residue. For clients who want an oil-like glide, but do not want to be left feeling slippery, massage gels can be a brilliant choice. Massage gels offer outstanding workability and treatment. Apart from massage lotion, and gel, massage oil is the most common and traditional choice for any style that involves long gliding strokes.  Oil doesn’t get absorbed into the skin hurriedly. Massage oil enables great time doing bodywork without stoppage.

Another important aspect for product selection is seasonal dryness, client skin dryness, and hairy clients.  All three of these scenarios will create the use of more lotion or cream.  This is normal as the water content of these products will absorb into the hair and skin where as oils and gels tend to coat.  But the use of lotions and creams will create a smooth non-greasy conditioned and hydrated client if toweled off correctly.

Of Course, the art of choosing and using massage lubricates requires first-hand experience. What works for one client or therapist may not work for another. So, it is important for each person to form their own opinions and techniques.  The best way to become more recognizable with the various options is to try a different range of massage lubricates and then pick the one that works best for you.  It is also important to have a small bottle of the opposite lubricate on hand. Just for those clients that will better benefit from that medium. (Water Based (Lotions/Creams) vs Oil Based (Oils/Gels) Lubricates)

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